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About us

The agency

Diego Meneses Design LTD is an industrial design agency, established in 2018 in Shenzhen, China, the Technology hub of Asia.  

Since then, our agency has been focused on helping companies to design and develop innovating consumer products for global markets, in China in an efficient way.

We have worked with North American, European, Australian and Chinese companies, across different industries, from startups to large corporations.

As a boutique agency we offer you a more personalized service. We put more attention and passion to each of your projects to give you a greater customer experience.

Our office is located in a vibrant business and technology area of the city called, Software Industrial Base, home of tech giants like Tencent and Baidu.

Shenzhen office, Software Industrial Base.


The founder

The company was founded by Diego Meneses, a Colombian industrial designer with a successful career of more than 15 years of experience in the design industry. During his career, he worked for Companies such as Samsonite and Alcatel in industrial design and design management, bringing innovative products to global markets.

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Who are we

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Global reach 

We are a boutique design agency that specializes in designing consumer products for markets worldwide, with primary operations in China, where things are made.

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Experts across industries

We have lots of experience across many industries. We have designed: phones, wearables, accessories, audio products, bags, luggage, e-bikes, sport gear, diffusers, bottles, appliances, portable power stations, etc.


Multicultural team

We are a passionate multicultural team of experts. Our members have degrees from prestigious universities in US, South America, Europe and China.

What do we do?

We design products that sell:

We research and use valuable data, to design products that inspire your audience to buy them and use them.

We work with suppliers in China: 

We work with suppliers in China to optimize your product development and ensure your product can be made on time and cost-effectively.

We provide valuable connections: 

We can connect you with developers and service providers in China. We have a great network of 250+ experts across different industries in China.


Our philosophy

Holistic awareness

To be conscious of all the important information surrounding a design project and how this information correlates, as it will determine the product’s success. Everything is connected in a system that is constantly changing, if data is missing, find it.

Think outside the box

To see things that others won’t, to identify the real problems and take advantage of the opportunities. To find the best strategy that will put the product one step ahead of competitors. 

Be like water

To always find the way from point A to point B, no matters the rocks and turns. “For every problem there is a solution” and clients need solutions. 

Story telling

To create a clear and correct message inside the product, so your audience can see its value and feel inspired to buy it and use it. 

Do not harm

To avoid working on products that will directly harm people, also to design safer products and to reduce their negative impact. 

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