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Concept Design

Form, UX and CMF exploration

FC Falcon: Autonomous electric chasing vehicle
This is the result of organic form and CMF exploration applied on a vehicle, which is an open canvas for concept design. The advances of electric and autonomous technologies for cars inspired us to to redefine what a police vehicle for high-speed chasing could look like in the near future. We also tried to make the car super aerodynamic, not just for speed but also to improve battery range, as with less air resistance the car will spend less energy moving. 
As it is an autonomous vehicle, the car has no windows and no mirrors, instead it has interactive LED panels on the sides and front and a rotatable camera and a straight siren on the top.
The front of the vehicle has a shovel type bumper with retractile hooks that will disable and catch any vehicle from the back, to avoid the use of fire arms by police personnel.
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