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Efficient and accurate design implementation during development and production in China  

We know how challenging can be to oversee the design quality of your product during development in China and how time zones and language barriers can make the process even more complicated. Also sending people from your team to China to oversee a project can be expensive and logistically complex, especially during the last 3 years.

That's why we are introducing our service "Design Oversight" that focus on the well execution of that precious design that you spent time, money and effort crafting every single detail to match your market and audience expectations.

Whether your design was done by us or by another team, we can help you to implement it, as well as to protect it through patent applications in China.

We make sure your design keeps consistent during prototyping,  engineering and production in China

If your creative team is far from the development and production site, 

we can help you to fix the bugs of the product and ensure its design quality during the development process.

We help you to refine the appearance of the product and make color and material testing 

We can help you refine and implement the product's CMF (color, material, finish).


Also, we can help you to search and obtain small samples of materials and hardware from suppliers, for testing and prototyping.

We can connect your development team with those suppliers. 


We can fine tune the 3D files of your design to make realistic prototypes for design validation 

We can also fine tune your product's handling, touch feeling and proportions.


Depending on the objective, we can help you develop functional prototypes. 

We can prepare special files for prototyping suppliers, in a way that could keep the confidentiality of your project. 

We can oversee the good  implementation of your design during production 

Even when the design is well understood and there are accurate prototypes as guides, things can take a different turn in production.


We still need to check and verify surface quality, marking lines and areas of assembling, paint finish and more, to make sure your design is consistent and it's executed with quality.

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