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The last couple of years have been tough on small businesses and start-ups. Due to Facebook research, 31% of owners and managers in the US reported that their small and medium-sized businesses not currently operating.

To help small organizations, our company in collaboration with a group of other companies in Shenzhen, China, have created ‘Design Spark™’.


It’s happening two times a year and we provide a free-of-charge services in the areas of product design, marketing visual, social marketing and more. The participants are start-ups and small companies worldwide, who need innovative consumer products to enter an ever-changing market environment.


Once ‘Design Spark’ sets off, companies can submit their applications with their product ideas. After picking the lucky ones, we would provide them with a free-of-charge design and package development to help bring their ideas into reality!

Join our Design Spark LinedIn page bellow to stay tuned for the updates:
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