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Why industrial design?

Every consumer product needs to be designed and needs to take into consideration many variables such as market, audience, technology, manufacturing and more to be successful.


It's a competitive game where companies are constantly innovating and improving their products to captivate consumers in order to sell. Once consumers see the value in your products, they can become loyal costumers that will increase your brand positioning and company revenue.

With industrial design we help you create innovative consumer products that will inspire your audience to buy them and make them part of their lives, while reaching your business objectives.  

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Case studies 

Consumer electronics, accessories, wearables, bags, fragrances and more, this is a highlight of some of our industrial design projects for different companies. Go ahead and check out some project case studies by clicking the pictures below, also find out more about our design process by scrolling down the page

How we work

As a boutique design agency we offer you a more personalized service, putting more attention and passion to each of the projects we design. We want to create products that inspire your audience to buy them and use them, while giving you a great customer experience. 


We work with suppliers in China to optimize your product development and ensure your product can be produced on time and cost-effectively.

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Successful products have a clear “message” in their physical form, that is easy to understand by their audience



Whatever you want to communicate needs to show the value of the product so your audience will feel inspired to buy it and use it.

We help you to put that message in your product, while also making sure it can be produced by a factory on time and cost effectively.

outdoor products design, diego meneses design company, shenzhen

We do  an extensive research to find data that will define this “message” in your product and its physical qualities

From aesthetics to user experience, technology, manufacturing, marketing, sales, or even local policies, we go through tons of information.

This is the backbone of your project, we do it to make sure we don’t miss anything that will affect your product’s outcome in the future.

ideation research, diego meneses design company, shenzhen
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Once we define this “message”, we will transform it into design alternatives of your product, so you can choose a direction

In the early stages, the best way to show you design alternatives is with hand sketches. Everything is possible on the paper, faster and efficiently.


Our designers can craft astonishing hand sketches with greater detail in a short time, even during meetings for you to make quick decisions.

Design process

Our design process has defined steps and milestones that keeps the project moving forward to reach the objective. It’s a system where things can run smoothly, regardless of who participates from our staff, but leaving room for imagination and creativity.

We also use technology to keep work data secured in the cloud and to have remote access to all our office equipment, preventing any work shutdowns. 

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Project assessment

We evaluate the objectives, resources, limitations of your project and who are the stakeholders. We provide you with a design plan, quotation & an agreement.

Ideation research, diego meneses design company, shenzhen

Ideation & research

We research and use valuable data, to design a product that addresses the needs of your audience, market and production requirements.

design deliverables, diego meneses design company, shenzhen

Design deliverables

After researching, we design your innovative product in 3 design updates, with feedback sessions: initial proposals, final proposal and final design.

project handover, diego meneses design company, shenzhen

Project handover

Once the project has been finished, we will provide you all the necessary technical information for further product development.

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