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240W GAN super charger, SlimQ

In today's fast-paced world, our reliance on electronic devices for both work and leisure has become paramount. The 240W GAN super charger by SlimQ emerges as an accessory that marries sleek aesthetics with functional excellence, catering to tech-savvy users who demand the best of both worlds.


This super charger design is meticulously tailored to advanced users within the creative (video editing, animation), CAD (design and engineering), and gaming domains. For these professionals, wielding powerful and portable laptops is non-negotiable. The hardware and accessories that complement their daily endeavors not only serve as a wellspring of inspiration but also as a status symbol.

240W 3_edited_edited.jpg

The intended audience for this product often spans diverse locations, rendering the use of a traditional desktop setup impractical. The cumbersome nature of hefty charger bricks accompanying portable workstations is a familiar woe. A more lightweight and portable charging solution, capable of satiating the power demands of such devices, stands as a pivotal facet in elevating the overall experience and productivity when tackling resource-intensive tasks.

240W 2.jpg

Underpinned by extensive research and analysis, the design language of this product boasts distinct attributes. Addressing various usage scenarios and their impact on product perception, the design strikes a balance between reliability and power. Employing basic geometric shapes, neutral colors, and LED lights imparts a technical allure. Select surfaces on the top of the charger function dually as heat dissipators and visually appealing design elements.

WX20230821-093456_2x copy.jpg

In upholding brand consistency, the product draws inspiration from preceding SlimQ offerings. Visual elements like the side PU panels and logo not only align with the brand's design language but also enhance grip and provide insulation, ensuring users are shielded from heat while handling the device.

240W 5.jpg
240W 6.jpg
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