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65W GAN charger, SlimQ

In today's computer-centric world, having a reliable accessory at your side is paramount to ensure the availability of your devices and maintain productivity while constantly on the move for work. This is where the 65W GAN charger for SlimQ steps in, poised to become the most portable and versatile universal laptop charger in the market.


Our primary target audience includes individuals aged 25-40 in the US and Europe who lead dynamic, on-the-go lives. They engage in jobs that require frequent mobility, whether it's coordinating with teams or clients. This charger also appeals to freelancers and consultants who refuse to be tethered to a single workspace.

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While the overall structure remains elegantly simple, we have paid meticulous attention to materials, textures, and design elements that set this product apart without compromising its versatility. For instance, a fabric-like PU layer and a TPU logo enhance grip, provide insulation against heat, and create a striking visual contrast, imbuing the product with a sense of uniqueness. Our design language blends iconic, convenient, timeless, neat, and practical elements to effectively convey the value this product brings.

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This charger boasts two outputs: a Type-C output designed for your laptop with quick charge functionality and a universal USB-A output suitable for charging a variety of other devices. To ensure exceptional durability, we've incorporated a braided cable, while the use of mag-safe connection to attach different charging plugs, prioritizes safety and convenience. These connectors seamlessly integrate with the charger, maintaining a consistent design language.


SlimQ's charger streamlines the process of working from multiple locations with multiple devices using just one charging accessory. It empowers you to stay connected and productive while embracing the versatility of a modern, on-the-move work lifestyle.

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