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Mobile office bag, PDL

The Mobile Office Bag is a revolutionary computer bag designed to redefine the concept of working on the go. Crafted for PDL, it stands as a minimalist, tech-driven accessory tailored for 2-in-1 devices, seamlessly transitioning between a laptop sleeve and a laptop bag with a convenient shoulder strap.


This bag is meticulously proportioned to snugly accommodate your device. Upon opening the bag, you gain direct access to your 2-in-1 device, such as the 12.9” iPad Pro or a Microsoft Surface. You can effortlessly work directly on your device in laptop or tablet mode without the need to remove it. Additionally, the bag features an expandable front pocket designed to carry essential items with ease.

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Employing nubuck leather in an understated matte grey finish, the Mobile Office Bag is designed for durability, adeptly concealing scratches and minor surface imperfections resulting from everyday use. The black matte and waterproof reversed zipper lend a distinct tech-oriented flair to its overall aesthetics.


Positioned strategically, the expandable front pocket doesn't interfere with users working directly on their device, be it in laptop or tablet mode. Inside, the pocket can securely house pad organizers or a shoulder strap cushion pad, and its expandable nature accommodates additional items like a mouse or a power brick charger.


Within, the bag boasts a tablet flap equipped with four elastic silicone corners, catering to tablets ranging from 10 inches to 13 inches. Furthermore, a soft micro-fiber lining and foam padding in select panels offer gentle protection.

The ingeniously designed snapping mechanism of the tablet flap swiftly transforms the bag into a table mode, enabling usage while on the move or while standing. In tablet mode, the device's keyboard can be neatly folded and concealed behind the tablet flap, while in laptop mode, the tablet flap serves as a secure kickstand to keep the device in place.


Whether you're commuting to work, traveling for a business meeting, or seeking productivity in a cafe over the weekend, this mobile office bag serves as your steadfast companion.

It empowers you to make the most of your busy life, offering functionality, style, and convenience wherever you go.

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