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S1 mechanical keyboard, RPP

The RPP S1 is a full-sized mechanical keyboard crafted by Royal Platinum Precision (RPP), boasting an array of features and design nuances tailored to meet the unique demands of gaming enthusiasts. This PC gaming accessory caters to amateur gamers worldwide, seamlessly transitioning between work or study and high-performance gaming.


As a dual-purpose keyboard, we introduce the Cherry MX Brown switches. Unlike the MX Blue counterparts, they deliver precise tactile feedback without the noise.


The defining hallmark of the keyboard lies in its ability to delight users and enhance their gaming journey. It achieves this through a fusion of metallic, glossy, and plastic materials, paired with customizable, vivid lighting effects that create an exhilarating aesthetic.


In our design journey, we faced two distinct paths and chose the more practical one, void of removable components. Instead, we equipped the keyboard with easy-to-use multi-angle feet, allowing for height adjustment. This design also embodies a solid and rational form, aligning with its mechanical function while exuding a sense of mystery and high-tech allure.

Sketch26213913 1.png

For an even more immersive online gaming experience, we've incorporated an integrated smartphone dock. This feature allows you to answer calls or control your phone's audio seamlessly while gaming. Engage in live chat feeds with peers during gameplay, check stats, and enjoy your music, all without interruption. The integrated palm rest and multi-angle adjustment feet ensure comfort during prolonged gaming sessions.


Our design ethos for the keyboard leans towards neutrality and elegance. The primary body is sleek black, featuring various finishes that eschew large saturated color areas. Users can personalize the lighting with a dedicated RGB switch, illuminating both visible and inner surfaces, as well as each individual key.

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