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Explorer outdoor smart-phone, Hammer

Embracing the outdoor lifestyle, the Hammer Explorer emerges as a 5.7-inch smartphone boasting a robust battery, rugged housing, and the highest IP69 protection degree. It serves as an impeccable mobile companion for outdoor activities or work within hazardous environments.

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Crafted for individuals leading active lives, whether as manual laborers, outdoor enthusiasts, or professionals, the Hammer Explorer presents itself as a durable device with premium attributes. It endures rigorous usage, drops, and remains exceptionally resilient to outdoor elements encountered during activities such as hiking, biking, climbing, and other adventures.

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Featuring a full-screen display, the Hammer Explorer's housing adheres to military standards. The IP69 certification confirms its superior water and dust protection capabilities, representing the highest attainable rating.

The device's design embodies qualities of confidence, reliability, adventure, balance, comfort, strength, security, neatness, and practicality, reflective of the active lifestyle it complements. Each design element holds functionality, including reinforced corners, screen protection bumpers, magnetic and screw connections for accessories (e.g., power bank, barcode reader), and programmable buttons.

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Integral to the system, numerous accessories complement the Hammer Explorer. The attachable power bank not only extends battery life but also functions as a standalone charger for other devices.

Hammer Explorer 4.jpg

The power bank's structural design facilitates easy attachment via magnetic connections (pogo pins), supported by guides and screws for secure fixture. Additionally, four battery indicators are positioned at the bottom.

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Among the accessories, a bike holder shines. It securely holds and charges the phone simultaneously, comprising two parts: a standard charging base and a fixture featuring a rotation axis for versatile phone adjustments, both upwards and downwards. A user-friendly clip mechanism allows easy phone removal, even when firmly affixed with screws. Furthermore, it adapts flexibly to handlebars of widths ranging from 22 to 35 mm.

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