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Outdoor smart-watch, Hammer

The Hammer Watch is tailor-made for the active, the travelers, and the tech enthusiasts. It's a rugged smartwatch equipped with GPS, a 1.3-inch color touchscreen, a pulse oximeter, and a wrist heart rate sensor.


Designed as the ultimate companion for outdoor adventures, the watch case boasts premium materials. The metal bezel is both sturdy and lightweight, offering a rugged design that seamlessly blends with your modern and athletic journey. Its fitness and navigation features are at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

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The dual-color strap, adorned with intricate hexagonal patterns, prioritizes all-day comfort. Moreover, it's water and dust resistant, adhering to the IP68 certification. This ensures unwavering companionship on your journey, regardless of the conditions.


Embracing the challenges of outdoor activities like running, climbing, cycling, swimming, football, and basketball, the Hammer Watch stands as a robust sport watch. Its design language resonates with adventure in every detail, evoking a sense of balance, practicality, strength, comfort and control.

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APP and UI

The Hammer Watch syncs seamlessly with smartphones through the Hammer Watch application, delivering full functionality. Bolstering longevity, the 440-mAh battery ensures prolonged use. The watch's user interface is intuitive and responsive, offering abundant options to personalize the watch face.

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