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Helmet with disposable liners, Wheels

In today's urban landscape, scooters and bikes are increasingly becoming the preferred mode of daily transportation for commuters. The helmet and liner system designed for Wheels addresses the unique needs of scooter sharing. It comprises a streamlined commuting helmet accompanied by a pack of disposable liner sheets that can be easily swapped out on each ride. This system not only prioritizes safety but also provides users with a sense of confidence and hygiene while wearing a helmet.


The liner system consists of two key components that seamlessly fit within the helmet. It comprises a sturdy tray and a pack of liner sheets that are effortlessly replaceable. Mindful of potential environmental concerns stemming from widespread adoption of disposable products, we've chosen to employ biodegradable plastic for the liner sheets, offering an eco-friendly alternative.


Biodegradable material

In accordance with government regulations across various regions of the US, riders are required to avoid sidewalks and instead use the road. The primary objective of this design is to encourage helmet use among riders, enabling them to engage in scooter services while adhering to safety guidelines on the road.


As a vital element of the sharing economy ecosystem, this product is designed to be lightweight, practical, user-friendly, and easy to install. Service personnel, responsible for routine scooter maintenance, will also replace the liner packs when they are depleted.

liner system final.141.png
liner system final.151.png
liner system final.153.png

The liner tray is securely affixed to the helmet using Velcro pads, ensuring that service staff can swiftly replace it with a pre-loaded spare, complete with a fresh liner pack inside. The emptied trays can then be repurposed to house a new liner pack, creating a sustainable cycle.

helm sketch.png
helm key.png

The liner pack comprises 30 sheets of biodegradable plastic, meticulously sealed along the edges. Each sheet features convenient tear-off lines and a pull tab for effortless removal. Tabs with holes on the liner pack align seamlessly with pins on the tray, and secure plastic locks ensure a snug fit. Additionally, the frame incorporates a foldable back flap, synchronizing with the size adjustment mechanism.


This ingenious design empowers users to effortlessly tear off a single sheet before each use. These individual sheets remain within the helmet, safeguarding the layers beneath from dirt and damage. The nature of the plastic ensures that removing multiple sheets simultaneously is a challenging feat, preserving the integrity of the liner system.


The liner system is an integral component of a larger safety ecosystem designed to protect Wheels users during their rides. Placed within the helmet, equipped with the liner system, the helmet rests on a robotic arm positioned at the rear of the bike. Once the bike is unlocked via the mobile app, riders can access and use the helmet, assured of both safety and hygiene.

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