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Meditation headphones, Escapist

What will be the next music listening experience in our nearest future? How about the first smart headphones with all-purpose functionality which could help integrating meditation into your daily lifestyles smoothly. Escapist, designed for meditation, entertainment, taking calls, and listening to music, is the headphones to consider as one of the daily must-haves. 

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Living in a busy life in a modern world, we could sometimes find it hard to switch off and to be present. In the meantime, we are more and more aware of the fact that regular meditation could have positive contribution to our overall wellness, but persistence is not an easy thing.

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This is a pair of world-class headphones with noise-cancelling technology to help you immerse yourself in your meditation and your music-listening experience. But more so, Escapist is equipped with science-based technologies to offer real-time feedbacks, such as the biometric sensors on removeable headband to keep track of your brain activity, and the heart rate sensors under the conductive threads on ear cushions to monitor your heart rate and heart rate variability.

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Escapist is a wearable mobile device that fits in with users’ daily lifestyles, so from the beginning of the design process, we would like to incorporate a sense of intuitiveness for the product to face a wide range of audiences. It should be a versatile and smart design which is convenient for many using behaviors.

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After several design iterations and tests, the final result comes in its minimal form and compact construction. It enables the user to play their favorite meditation instructions in only few steps of adjustment, and to control and switch to various modes in seconds.

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The device is an app-based product for real-time monitoring with an intuitive user interface design which allows you to interact rapidly, naturally and frustration-free. Details on buttons, cushions, headband, and its unique slider and hinge design, provide users with unique tactile experience.

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