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Mist home diffuser, CTR group

The Mist diffuser emerges as a cornerstone of a home fragrance product line that seamlessly marries simplicity, functionality, and refinement. Created for the CTR Group, this innovative diffuser introduces electric diffuser technology to a fresh audience in the United States. It's a user-friendly device that springs into action automatically upon plugging it in, featuring an adjustable slider for fine-tuning fragrance intensity.

CH027 Diffuser 1.jpg

Distinguished by its smooth, precisely defined surfaces and clean, sophisticated details, the Mist diffuser stands apart from the sea of hyper-organic shapes that have dominated the diffuser market for years. Its geometry showcases a tapered conical shape, a top crown graced with a diagonal cut, a thoughtfully balanced air vent system, and a flattened front section designed to elegantly display front vents and the product's branding. The graceful transitions between different sections of the device and the oval refill bottle culminate in a harmonious balance, making it an aesthetically pleasing addition to any interior space.


This product is strategically tailored for millennials, the new generation of buyers projected to represent a significant portion of the adult population in many regions by 2025. Consequently, the Mist diffuser has been meticulously designed to offer a fresh, modern appeal that resonates with this tech-savvy audience.


Soft geometry

The Mist diffuser adheres to a minimalist design ethos characterized by soft geometric shapes. Here, lines meet curves, cubes sport rounded edges, and straight cylindrical forms abound. This fusion of elements is what we refer to as "soft geometry," striking a balance between sharp edges and organic curves. This design language not only permeates the product but also reflects a sense of timeless balance across all aspects of the brand.

CH027 Diffuser 2.jpg
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Conceived as an essential device that seamlessly combines practicality and intuitiveness, the Mist diffuser consists of the main device and a snap-on refill bottle positioned beneath the diffuser. Users have the flexibility to purchase refills offering a variety of fragrance options for future use. The device's top features a slider for convenient fragrance intensity control, while its rotatable plug, located in the lower area, ensures it occupies only one power outlet space in most American homes.

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