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N home diffuser, CTR group

The N home diffuser stands as an epitome of elegance and minimalism, offering a gateway to a serene and delightful olfactory experience within your home. Developed for a valued client of the CTR Group, the N diffuser is a premium product designed for effortless use – simply plug it in, and let it infuse your surroundings with captivating scents. To enrich this experience, the company provides a range of refill options, ensuring a continuous journey of sensory pleasure.


With a primary focus on adult female users from affluent backgrounds residing in metropolitan areas across the United States, the design of the N diffuser mirrors their personal tastes and lifestyles. Their keen eye for detail and their pursuit of cozy and luxurious environments drive the essence of this design. The minimalistic and elegant aesthetic, embracing elements of Art Deco, weaves together with a simplified geometry, seamlessly complementing high-end interior decor.


Fragrance has the unique ability to influence moods and transform spaces. The diffuser serves as a tangible testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to wellness. It emphasizes that the concept of well-being should be not only experienced but also visually reflected in the product's appearance and the user experience it provides.

In addition to its functionality, the diffuser presents a clean, humble silhouette that effortlessly merges with your surroundings, imparting a touch of decorative sophistication. The refills, discreetly concealed within the device, give the impression of a high-end gift box, elevating the entire experience.

N Diffuser 4.jpg
N key.png

Our aim is to provide a design solution that is both functional and compact, making installation a breeze. Users can complete the setup in a few simple steps: insert the fragrance bottle into the lower case, assemble the lower and upper cases, align the plug with the power outlet's orientation, and then plug it in, leaving it connected to enjoy the soothing scents.


The specially designed side windows offer a glimpse into the remaining fragrance, ensuring users are prepared for the next refill. Beyond the device itself, even the packaging adheres to a consistent design language, seamlessly integrating the element of stripes. As for the refill bottle, it features laser-etched stripes and a black-and-white sticker with fragrance descriptions, underscoring our commitment to meticulous detail and visual appeal.

new solo.1195.png

Due to stringent regulations, the primary material used in the device is polypropylene (PP), allowing for the inclusion of a fire-retardant additive. Working with PP posed a unique challenge, particularly in achieving the desired edgy, smooth surfaces, as the material is susceptible to shrinkage. However, through meticulous structural design implementation, we successfully attained the desired aesthetics without compromising the product's quality and safety standards.

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