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Pet calming diffuser, CTR group

In our fast-paced, modern lifestyles, our furry companions, especially those dwelling in small city apartments, can often struggle to adapt. Cats, in particular, find unfamiliar and chaotic spaces challenging, sometimes expressing their stress by taking it out on our furniture or shoes. This is where a pet calming diffuser steps in, improving the lives of both your pet and you.


Designed for one of CTR Group's clients, this pet calming diffuser features a unique formula that releases a specific type of cat pheromones. Cats naturally secrete these pheromones around their whiskers when they rub them on surfaces to signal that an area is safe.

CZ 2.jpg

With its modern, functional, and sleek design, this product not only infuses tranquility into your interior but also adds a touch of decorative elegance. The silhouette of the cylindrical body gracefully merges with a conical shape, culminating in a diagonal cut at the top. Vibrant debossed patterns adorn its surface, presenting a visually captivating rhythm and a clean design language.


This product was meticulously crafted for a target audience of young adult female cat owners hailing from middle and upper-middle-class backgrounds in metropolitan areas across the US.

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For these pet owners, a calming product is an essential tool for managing their cat's behaviors, especially when they are left alone.

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The diffuser serves as a symbol of tenderness and coziness, aligning perfectly with the affectionate nature of their feline companions. By infusing peacefulness and pleasure into both the design and its context, the diffuser creates a calming ambiance, helping pets maintain lower stress levels and fostering positive interactions.

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The device comprises the main diffuser unit and a refill with the unique formula, which conveniently snaps under the device. Users can initially purchase the device, and once the included refill runs out, they can simply acquire additional refill bottles for future use. Form and function seamlessly intersect in this design, exemplified by the rotatable plug on the diffuser's backside. This innovative feature allows users to plug the diffuser into the upper power outlet while keeping the lower one free for other devices, enhancing both convenience and utility.

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Holding Ginger Cat
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