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Travel hand pouch, PDL

The Travel Hand Pouch, a creation of PDL, transcends the mere confines of a travel accessory. It encapsulates the essence of minimalism and practicality that defines the product line. Versatile enough to be your daily companion, its neutral, timeless, and high-end design ensures that it seamlessly complements any outfit, suits any occasion, and stands ready at any time.


Within the soft-finished interior, microfiber lining envelops your essentials, providing both protection and a sleek, compact design. The meticulously designed layers, inner pockets, and compartments cater to a multitude of necessities, including your mobile phone, credit cards, business cards, passport, and other daily essentials.

Pouch 2.jpg

The exterior of the pouch boasts matte nubuck leather and a waterproof reversed zipper, forming a refined and structured silhouette. Despite its elegant appearance, it remains compact and lightweight, making it an ideal travel companion. Positioned in the middle, a matte PU strap with two elastic ends enhances portability, allowing you to grasp the pouch with ease.

Pouch 5.jpg

The true beauty of this pouch lies in its details. The inner flap dedicated to your mobile phone serves a dual purpose. No matter where you venture, it effortlessly transforms into a phone stand, liberating your hands and offering a clever solution for your carrying needs. The phone finds its place within a special flap secured by a magnetic connection, ensuring both accessibility and security.

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