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Transportation Design

Pushing the limits on mobility

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We work in collaboration with EPTA design Ltd., an Italian studio (Turin), to offer transportation design services to clients across Asia. We combine our experience in consumer products with the knowledge and experience in transportation from EPTA to offer the best solution to customers. Our collaboration is important because nowadays vehicles are more connected and the user interaction has evolved.
EPTA design is a dynamic and versatile studio that opened in 2015. It has been providing design services to clients in Europe and Asia in the transportation sector as well as in entertainment. The studio is lead by the experienced and talented Italian car designer Luigi Memola, who has worked for companies such as Bertone, Umberto Palermo design, and others. 
They have worked with different types of vehicles and in 2015 they led the design of the Dendrobium electric hyper-car for the Singaporean based Dendrobium motors. 
EPTA's design portfolio expands into other areas of transportation design such as aircraft design (airplanes and drones) and also naval design (boats and yachts). 
Also EPTA design have worked in some areas of entertainment like designing various vehicles for video game industry as well as working on other creative projects. 
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