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We design products that sell

Designs that can be done by factories

We do market & user research


Vast experience with Western markets

Design where you produce! 

Industrial design agency
based in China🇨🇳 


Project Assesement

We got a solution for you

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Your product lacks appeal and has production issues?

We design desirable products that are suitable for manufacturing!

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Unable to oversee your design during production in China?

With our industrial design agency we can make sure your design is applied correctly!

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Your product line doesn't perform well in the market?

We provide market research and product planning to make sure it sells well!

Pain points
The offer

We got you covered

Designing products that sell: We do a thorough data-driven research and provide you the best design solution, so your products speak to your audience.

Working with suppliers: We can work with your suppliers in China to optimize your product development and ensure your product can be made time- and cost-effectively.

Valuable connections: We can connect you with developers and service providers in China. We have a great network of 250+ experts across different industries in China.


How do we work?

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Project planning

Ideation & research



As an industrial design agency, we evaluate the limitations and objectives of your project and provide you with a design plan and a quote.

Once we start your project, we will do thorough research to ensure, we are addressing the needs of your audience, market and production requirements.

We will provide you with 3 deliverables: Initial proposals, final proposal and final design, to fully explore all the design possibilities and find the best solution for your product. 

Once the project has been finished, we will provide you with all the necessary information for further product development.

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Trusted by companies worldwide

Our industrial design agency has designed successful products for companies in North America, Europe and Asia in industries such as consumer electronics, sport products, wearables, bags, accessories, micro-mobility, etc.

Client testimonials


Industrial design agency services

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Industrial design

We help you design innovating consumer products that sell well and bring added value to your brand and business.

From usage gestures, to market analysis, we go deep into those insights to transform them into form, CMF and user experience.


CMF development

We help you to oversee that your design is applied correctly during the development of prototypes, and we help you to make corrections and adjustments on the design during this process.

We can also help you oversee the quality of the design during production with the suppliers.


Design strategy

We provide you design research, product planning and process optimization to help your company be innovative and to make your product development more efficient. We work with your product development team, providing them information and mentorship.


About Diego Meneses

Diego Meneses Design (Shenzhen Diego Meneses Design CO., LTD) is an industrial design agency established in 2018 in Shenzhen and has been providing industrial design services to American, European and Chinese companies who want to develop products in China and South East Asia. We offer a range of services from industrial design, CMF and design strategy.


The company was founded by Diego Meneses, an industrial designer with a vast experience in consumer products. He designed for brands such as Samsonite, American Tourister, Alcatel, Blackberry.


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Shenzhen, China.

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